Let’s talk about scheduling!


At MyBlueprints, we believe scheduling is a big ticket! It is one of these repetitive, low complexity – high impact tasks that are nevertheless essential in your day-to-day practice.

Who you meet, when and where you meet, how long you meet for and in which order you schedule your sessions has a significant impact on the quality of your session, your performance during the day and ultimately the financial health of your business.

Well, we’d like to introduce you to a smarter way to schedule!

In short, MyBlueprints allows you to schedule multiple sessions with multiple clients across timezone while keeping the confidentiality of your agenda and within the timeframe you set up.

Over is the time where you had to painstakingly look for your availability in your agenda, write an email – often the same …but not exactly – to your clients in VIP order asking them to select a time slot in those you identified, hoping that they or their assistant would come back to you as soon as possible….so that you could move on to the next person on your list to do exactly the same…and this provided that you had not booked anything by mistake or made any time zone faux pas.

At MyBlueprints, we have you covered.

Once you activate your client’s program and connect with your preferred Calendar, Google, ical or other, then Just to do it! and move on to something more rewarding.

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