Let’s talk about programs!

The map and the territory


Let’s talk about programs in our coaching practice:  they are like having a common map that helps create trust and accountability as we, together with our client, explore the territory.  

When we go on a long journey alone, with our best friend, a seasoned guide or even a total stranger, it is always useful to know where we are going – that would be our commercial proposal at the start of a coaching engagement –  but even more to know where we are – right now -. After a while, like in real life, the coaching engagement and the goals we are working towards take us in various directions and dimensions, we take twists and turns, accelerate and slow down as we go up in the sky and down in the depth of ourselves.  

When you have a multidimensional GPS, the journey gets even more interesting and the learning richer.  

That’s why we designed a Program timeline (with dates, documents, description, post sessions follow up and so on)  which not only looks good and offer great clarity on your client’s goals and objectives, but also allows for updates, upgrades and shifts as you would in real life; only this time you and your client can inform and track what is going on both on the go and later on when you will look back at all the places you went – as a client and as a coach. 

At MyBlueprints, we believe that having a dedicated space to document and explore what is happening when we meet and in-between the sessions offers lots of learning and reflection material for the coachee. For the coach, it is a space to fine tune his coaching pathways for his practice and his future clients. 

 Enjoy exploring the V1 of the program timeline and co-creating with your coachees!

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