We believe it is our role in life to contribute to our individual and collective evolution by fully engaging in the discipline of self-development in order to release our talents and our capacity for presence.

As coaches, each of us is working at it by engaging ourselves and our clients in intense re-engineering processes through thought-provoking conversations and experimentations.

Given the maturity of today’s coaching market, we believe it is time to open the access to these coaching skills and tools to an even bigger audience for the benefit of society as a whole.


At MyBlueprints and as coaches, our core question has always been: “How can we walk the talk in and out of the sessions, so that our coaching never ceases to improve, so that its impact continues to create ripple effects?” i.e. what are the subtle elements of our practice at large that we need to pay attention to, in order to nurture a functional, infectious and sustainable growth?

While looking for answers in our quest, we came to the realization that we needed to create the tools and initial ecosystems to support our practice and the relationships with our clients, with the ultimate goal to craft habits of self discipline and self development for all involved.

We want to inspire the co-creation of clearly defined ecosystems which empower mature communities of leaders and leaders of leaders to evolve.


As we engage in the process of developing a professional coaching practice, we meet various issues limiting our growth and ability to serve our clients to the utmost of our capacity, hampering the potential of their development during the duration of the engagement.  This also decreases our ability to be present and can gradually disconnect us from the reason of why we do what we do.

In today’s’ coaching market most coaches companies are a one-man shop or small consultancy, where the coach, in addition to his coaching practice, has to juggle with all the scheduling logistics, marketing efforts and administrative tasks by himself, which leaves him spending less time for his core tasks of coaching, personal and professional growth and business development.

Coaches are currently using various tools to keep track of their engagements and to manage their practice but this can lead to confusion and efficiency loss. They are hungry for ready-made productivity tools and commercial solutions so that they can run their practice at full capacity efficiently and empower their dream of a sustainable impact. So far, nothing publicly available on the market has fulfilled this need yet and in so many cases they end up leaving a large chunk of their contribution and of their dream on the table.

These concerns and market dynamics are similar to those of any other business of the”gig economy” and all the more in an intellectual profession where trust, reputation, credibility and ability to develop mastery are everything.
The question is not any more “Will the coaching market grow?”, as it will greatly; the main question is what shape will it take? and which place do we want to play in it?

The coaching market is young by any standard, as an industry and from a practitioner experience perspective. The last few years have seen an exponential growth of the number of its members in developed countries. If this is good news in general and a testament to the success of its impact in organisations and in the general population it comes with challenges that we hope to address partially to support our role as independent third party and mirrors to our clients and the organisations we serve to evolve.


We believe at Myblueprints that it is our responsibility to respond to this question with a clear sense of responsibility and actionable vision for a long lasting result.

     1. BE AFRAID OF OLD IDEAS – Digitalization of the coaching practice – more freedom and power for the coaching

A first pillar is to create a robust coaching software designed to serve the immediate and specific needs of the individual and team coaches while being ready for the changing requirements of growing coaches and their practice with scaling at heart.

We studied and systematized the various activities of a coach to create a unique working environment where the coach can manage and operate his coaching practice with an unmatched degree of granularity and flexibility.

In a nutshell, we put technology in the service of the human.

     2. WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS – MBP grows with and by its community

The second pillar is to ground this software in a fertile environment where coaches and coachees can develop rewarding, structured relationships in a self-selected community where trust, common purpose and co-optation are the source of growth.

We believe in the wisdom of the community. At MyBlueprints our members join by invitation only and by respecting our ethical guidelines and code of conduct.

MyBlueprints’s dream is to be a digital link and tangible platform for likeminded individuals, be them coaches or clients, to exchange, share and grow together.

     3. WE LIVE AND BREATHE COACHING – by the coaches for the coaches, using the coaching principles

The Third pillar is integrity: taking our own medicine by respecting the coaching principles we use with our client in the way we develop and run our company and community. MyBlueprints has been designed and created by coaches for coaches from the developers to the marketing efforts.

My Blueprints is an ecosystem borrowing wisdom from its teachers, growing from the enthusiasm of its founding members, hunger of its community and making it available to all its members and their clients for them to do their best work with confidence and purpose.

DREAM BIG IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING – We believe we have reached a degree of maturity and satiety as a society which can afford the emergence of this organisation for the benefit of all.

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