All decisions have a ripple effect

All decisions have
a ripple effect

Coaching starts with the simple understanding that every decision influences who we are and who we will become. The people we meet, the experiences we live through, the choices we make – all will influence and design the blueprints of our lives. And one day we decided to change our blueprints… We decided that it was time for us, as leaders, to make the decision to enrich our practice – to empower ourselves as well as our clients instead of letting trivial issues deter us from our true purpose.

We created a platform which would give us space for focus, human interaction and scalability at individual and collective level in our practice by removing the noise of repetitive tasks – a tool for us and a vision for our industry.



Co-Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

MyBlueprints exists to empower and convey the brilliance within, in confidence. It is an invitation to walk the talk and be present to what matters whether we coach, design, learn, lead or play.

My vision and passion for this human adventure is born out of the desire to tap into our collective consciousness and make accessible effective and multidimensional tools to facilitate the emergence of robust disciplines of self transformation.


Co-Founder & Chief Timeline Officer

MyBlueprints is for me a reflection of my passion for people and the importance of taking the time to grow. By leveraging on technology, I believe coaches will have a deeper impact on their clients and the world around them.


Chief Happiness Officer

I always thought of myself as a nomad at heart, until I discovered through coaching that the real journey is inside, and that we as humans all share the same path albeit in unique forms. It is my hope and dream that MyBlueprints may be the companion and faithful reminder of the vagaries and victories of our personal development.


Pyxis team, Daniel, Martin, Alex, Jo, Yvon and Dominic have been the heart and hands of our software development. Their deep understanding of the coaching principles and beliefs come from their personal experience. As a team and as a company, Pyxis believes that coaching training and personal development are essential elements of self-fulfilment and a better client experience. Their vision was matching our value system and together, we decided to become precursors in shaping the future of this fascinating industry.
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